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Furquan Stafford for Georgia State Senate District 10

Stafford, a Republican candidate for Georgia State Senate District 10, is a dedicated community leader with a passion for serving his constituents. He is committed to conservative values, advocating for economic growth, education, healthcare access, youth empowerment, family values, and the sanctity of life. With deep roots in the local community and a strong vision for the district’s future, Furquan is poised to be a principled voice for positive change in the state senate.

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Furquan Stafford for Senator 24 Georgia District 10

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Meet Furquan Stafford: A Dedicated Public Servant and Advocate for Georgia State Senate District 10
Dekalb County Vote for Stafford 24

Furquan Stafford

Georgia State Senate Candidate, District 10
Furquan Stafford is a dynamic community leader, experienced public servant, and a passionate advocate for progressive change in Georgia State Senate District 10. He is committed to creating an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for all citizens.
Sheila Stafford the Campaign Manager

Sheila Stafford

Campaign Manager

Sheila Stafford plays a pivotal role as the Campaign Manager, serving as the driving force behind our campaign’s strategic vision and day-to-day operations. Her responsibilities encompass orchestrating the campaign’s messaging and aligning the teams.


Hear What People Have to Say About Us

"Furquan is a visionary leader who has the experience, knowledge, and compassion needed to represent our district in the Georgia State Senate. His commitment to community engagement and outreach is unparalleled, and I believe he will be an effective and transformative voice for us all."
"I wholeheartedly endorse Furquan for Georgia State Senate. His focus on social justice, equity, and inclusivity is exactly what our district needs, and his commitment to transparency and accountability is a breath of fresh air."
"Furquan is an exceptional leader who has the ability to bring people together and build bridges across divides. His platform is grounded in evidence-based policies and a deep understanding of the complex issues facing our district. I support him wholeheartedly."
"Furquan's dedication to serving the community is second to none. He has a proven track record of success in community engagement, and I believe he will be an effective and responsive representative for our district in the Georgia State Senate."

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